Cruachan wine

News from Cruachan:
“We’ve kept this under wraps for a while and are delighted that we can finally share that we have created a celebratory, once off Cruachan wine!
There are just 300 bottles made, 150 with ‘The Living’ artwork and 150 with ‘The Dead’. Characteristics of the Cruachan Merlot 2020: This Merlot wine is a wine of intense colour, fresh fruit, soft tannines, refreshing acidity and a chocolate-like finish with recommended drinking temperature: 16-18 °C. About the Region: Amphilochian Argos, the chief town of ancient Amfilochia situated at Aetolia-Acarnania – Greece.
Many thanks to Panos and Omer for making this a reality”

You can order this right now from the guys at Headbanging Wine –…/winecollections/cruachan/