New Music Video for “Closure” from Adna+Tour Dates

Adna is releasing the third an d final part of a trilogy of music videos recorded for her latest album Closure. This time it’s the title track that has been chosen to get a visual world to step into, and we get to follow Adna into an old German castle. Directed by Adna, Marcus Nyberg and Steven Warburton , who worked on Overthinking (Youtube), Thoughts (Youtube) and now Closure (Youtube) together.
(producer and photo: Marcus Nyberg and Steven Warburton)

Adna’s description of the video:  “I wanted us to try visualize the emotions that created the song. I think of it as a constant destructive search for light: always in front of you, but you’re never really reaching for it.”

Marcus Nyberg (director): “It’s inspiring to work with such a creative artist, where the visions & aesthetics extend way further than the music. Every step in the project is a part of a world that you are invited to be a part of for a moment.”

Watch the video using the link above.

June 16  – Skellefteå, Trästockförfesten (SWE)
June 21 – London, Sebright Arms (UK)
June 23 – Berlin, Midsommar Festival (DE)
June 24 – Oslo, Piknik I Parken (NO)
June 30 – Clermont, Europavox Festival (FR)
July 08 – Torello (Barcelona), Festus, Festival d´Arts al Carrer de Torrelo (SP)
Sept 29 – Dortmund, Way Back When Festival (DE)
Sept 30 – Amsterdam, 7 Layers Festival (NL)

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