Martin Rubashov and Anders Fridén (In Flames) in the official video for Black Elk

Behind Martin Rubashov, commonly known as the outgoing radio host Bollnäs-Martin on Bandit Rock Radio in Sweden, is a shimmering, mysterious and beautiful pain that meets the listeners in his music. The single was released in february and today we launch the official music video for the song.

“I was helping out during the recordings of In Flames “Siren Charms” in Berlin and got to sing one of the songs (Dead Eyes), so I felt like Anders owed me one. He said yes and was very fond of the song, so it turned out to be a good duet.” // Martin Rubashov

The Indian medicine man, Black Elk, was an inspiration to Martin when he wrote the lyrics. Indigenous people around the world has always been oppressed and chased away throughout history and Martin applies it on the refugee situation of today. Black Elk is about survival and being on the brim to losing all hope, but finding the strength and never give up.

Rubashov has previously released two albums on Despotz Records and has proven himself to be a great musician as he plays almost all instruments himself and gathers new instruments on his trips around the world.

The video is d irected, filmed and edited by Magnus Ewald
Second camera unit: Tobias Björkbacka