New Lyric Video From Corroded – Carry Me My Bones

After releasing the new album Defcon Zero and recently breaking the audience record for the 4Sound Stage at Sweden Rock Festival Corroded launches a new lyric video for the song “Carry Me My Bones”. It was the second single from the new album and is co-written with Anders Fridén from In Flames.

– Carry Me My Bones is a great song, both musically and lyrically and we wanted to make a video that didn’t take too much attention from that. We think it turned out to be the most honest, dark and beautiful video we’ve ever made. Jens really gets to show his emotions in this video and we’re happy to finally share it with you all! // Corroded

Director, Editor: Philipp Schuster
Producer: ENEME
Filmed by: Kristofer Lönna
Music: Jens Westin, Peter Sjödin, Per Soläng, Bjarne Elvsgård, Tomas Andersson
Lyrics: Anders Fridén

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