Nightrage is back once again! This time with full force and their sixth album to date named ”The Puritan” . A lot has happened since the previous album. New recording studio, Dug Out Productions. New label, Despotz Records. New artwork by Mirfin. And a new fresh breath of air in the Nightrage machinery. This is a band that knows how to survive trends while combining the old with the new, making a killer combo without forgetting their roots or where they came from.

Welcome Ronnie Nyman from the mighty hardcore metal band ”Always War” as the new singer and frontman of Nightrage! Ronnie who claimed his right to the position with his over the top stage persona, his cool character and amazing vocal skills during the Japanese and Russian tours last year, now brings a new fresh approach to the Nightrage signature sound, along side with Anders Hammer who releases his signature thunderous monster bass mayhem on the album once again.

”The Puritan” is an uncompromising eerie dramatic and melodic death metal journey in it´s purest essence. 11 tracks with great hooks and the biggest sound that you ever heard from these melodic death metal legends, trends come and go but Nightrage knows how to always deliver music that reflects their burning souls.