The Sonnets


A cloudless day in June.

The photographs of The Style Council around »à Paris«.

The first summer with Charles and Sebastian in »Brideshead Revisited«.

The excitement of listening to the tape you stole from your older sister.

Madonna’s »True Blue«. Wham’s »Club Tropicana«.

The moment when you first fell in love with pop music.

Jimmy Connor’s last serve game against John McEnroe in the Wimbledon final 1982.

An early morning run.

Emily Brontë’s »Wuthering Heights«. William Blake’s »The Tyger«.

The wide-eyed romantic Mick Travis in Lindsay Anderson’s »O Lucky Man!«.

Godard’s »Breathless«.

Françoise Hardy’s blue chanson »Tous les garçons et les filles«.

Tom Cruise’s naive teenage escapades in »Risky Business«.

Patrice Holloway’s »Love and Desire«.

Your first innocent weekend romance in a Northern Soul Club.

Jean-Pierre Lèaud rushing towards the ocean in the final scene of François Truffaut’s »The 400 Blows«.

These highs of culture and life have together coloured The Sonnets’ »Western Harbour Blue«. 


The Sonnets lived in The Western Harbour, Malmö, Sweden. Despotz Records released their second album ‘Western Harbour Blue’ in 2010. The title of the album was a hint to their hometown and a heartfelt homage to the Dennis Wilson solo album »Pacific Ocean Blue«.